Basics on Sewer Jetting Explained

Sewer jetting is filthy job, but sometimes it has to be done to prevent having your sewer pipes replaced completely. This article will tell you what you need to know about all the basics of sewer jetting.

Avoid Pipe Replacement

Sewer Jetting is an important task that needs to be preformed if you want to prevent having to replace your sewer pipes. Sewer pipes get clogged with all sorts of unmentionable gunk, requiring you to clean them out every so often. Over time, product and residue build up in your sewer pipes, causing them to become clogged and preventing water and other substances from passing through the pipes. This can cause you drains not to work or even for them to become clogged. It is extremely important to perform the task of sewer jetting to avoid having to replace your sewer pipes, which would cost a lot more than the sewer jetting itself.

Using a Pressure Washer

The only tool you will need when preforming the task of sewer jetting is a pressure washer. A pressure washer uses water being omitted at a high pressure to force the dirt and debris out of your clogged sewer pipes. This is the recommended form of sewer jetting as it does not require much hands on scrubbing of the pipes with can be time consuming and unsanitary. A pressure washer can be rented from your local hardware store. The associates at the hardware store can give you specific instructions on how to operate their specific brand of pressure washer. However, a pressure washer must typically be firmly connected to a water source such as your garden hose. Then you well need to make sure the nozzle is on firmly. You will simply flip a switch and water will be omitted at a high pressure. Some pressure washers come with option to set the water pressure at 2 or 3 different pressure levels. To preform the task of sewer jetting, you will on need a pressure washer that can be set at one setting. Be sure that setting has adequate and hard pressure.

Take All Safety Precautions and Measures

Because sewer jetting requires you to come in contact with substances and materials that contain mass amounts of bacteria, it is important to always implement all safety precautions and measures. This means that you must always wear appropriate clothing. That means that the article of clothing should be something that is water proof and will repel the substances. You should also wear heavy duty rubber gloves so that you do not get any of the substances on your hands or skin. You should also wear safety goggles to prevent any dirt or debris from getting in to your eyes. If you are working underground or in some place with a low ceiling, then you should also wear a helmet to prevent you from bumping or hurting your head on anything.