Basketball Goal Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Installing a basketball goal at your home is great way to ensure hours of fun with friends and family. However, before you go digging up the driveway, there are a couple of common mistakes that are made during goal installations that you should avoid.

Common Basketball Goal Installation Mistakes

The most common mistake made when installing a basketball goal is not ensuring that the post for the goal is completely level and straight up and down. Therefore, when you are getting ready to pour the cement for your post, make sure that you the properly brace the post before pouting the cement and make sure that you continuously check the post with a plumb line or level to ensure that is completely vertical and straight up-and-down.

A quality basketball goal and post can cost a lot of money. You should prepare in the event you choose to move and take your post and goal with you. So before installing your post, use a post sleeve and insert your goal post into that. By using a post sleeve, you will be able to concrete around the sleeve and you will be able remove your goal post fairly easily should you need to do so. Also, you will find that working with is a post sleeve will make the installation of your goal post a lot quicker and easier.