Bath Cabinet Mirror Installation Tips

Installing a bath cabinet mirror yourself is relatively straightforward and simple. Just make sure to read through these tips so as to accomplish your task quickly and successfully.

Tip 1: Locate Studs

It is best to start off by locating and marking the studs in the wall. Use a stud finder to do this.

Tip 2: Marking

Once you have marked the studs, you can better discern the best place where to attach the cabinet mirror. Have someone hold the cabinet against the wall and mark its outline for guidance purposes. This will help you avoid mistakes, while ensuring a neater and more level result. Also, bear in mind that the placing of the mirror is at a reasonable height.

Tip 3: Attach a Support Rail

If your bath cabinet mirror is relatively large and heavy, you might wish to ensure a better installation by attaching a support rail at the base.

Tip 4: Attach the Braces

Most bath cabinet mirrors come with braces or brackets for a more secure and stable installation. When attaching them make sure that you are mounting them well, since if they are not level, then the cabinet cannot be level either. If the cabinet is large, you may need to install a third brace at the middle.

Tip 5: Tightening the Screws

Make sure not to over-tighten the screws before having made sure that you have attained a level and neat attachment.