Bathroom Planning Checklist Bathroom Planning Checklist

Fixture Placement Requirements


  • 15-inches or more of clearance space from the centerline of lavatory bowl to a wall or similar obstruction.
  • 30-inches or more of clearance space between the centerlines of double-bowl lavatories.
  • At least 30x48-inches of clear floor space in front of the lavatory.

Water Closet/Bidet

  • 16-inches from the centerline of a water closet or bidet to a wall or similar obstruction, or fixture adjacent to it.
  • At least 48x48-inches of clear floor space in front of the water closet or bidet.


  • Shower size large enough to comfortably use, at least 34x34-inches.
  • Tub size large enough to comfortably use.
  • At least 60x30-inches of clear floor space in front of the shower or tub.


  • The bathroom entrance door swings so that it does not interfere with people in front of fixtures.
  • Fixtures are located so that 2 people can use the space comfortably.
  • Water closet and bidet in separate compartments or shielded from entrance view.

Safety Requirements

  • Non-slip flooring.
  • Ground fault circuit interrupter electrical receptacles.
  • Electrical switches placed away from tub or shower.
  • Grab-bars at shower or tub entrance and inside enclosure.
  • No steps at the tub or shower.
  • Safety glazing on glass used for shower doors.
  • Shower door swings into bathroom, not into shower enclosure.
  • Bench or seat included in shower enclosure.
  • Pressure balanced water control valves used in shower.
  • Temperature regulating water control valves used in shower.

Storage System Requirements

  • Adequate counter or shelf space around lavatory.
  • Adequate storage for grooming equipment, toiletries, and linens.
  • Towel bars or rings located within reach of the fixtures.
  • Bathroom linen and paper product storage space provided.
  • Storage space for shampoo and such in the shower o tub area.

Mechanical System Requirements

  • An efficient ventilation system is part of the plan.
  • Bathroom heating system will keep the space comfortably warm.
  • Task lighting provided at every functional area.
  • General lighting provided throughout the bathroom.
Reprinted with permission from the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

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