Bathroom Planning Checklist

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If you are designing a bathroom, there are a lot of things you will need to keep in mind. This checklist will make sure you hit all the necessities.

Fixture Placement Requirements For A Lavatory

15-inches or more of clearance space from the centerline of the lavatory bowl to a wall or similar obstruction.

30-inches or more of clearance space between the centerlines of double-bowl lavatories.

At least 30x48-inches of clear floor space in front of the lavatory.

Water Closet/Bidet

16-inches from the centerline of a water closet or bidet to a wall or similar obstruction, or fixture adjacent to it.

At least 48x48-inches of clear floor space in front of the water closet or bidet.


Shower size large enough to comfortably use, at least 34x34-inches.

Tub size large enough to comfortably use.

At least 60x30-inches of clear floor space in front of the shower or tub.


The bathroom entrance door swings so that it does not interfere with people in front of fixtures.

Fixtures are located so that two people can use the space comfortably.

Water closet and bidet in separate compartments or shielded from entrance view.

Safety Requirements

Non-slip flooring.

Ground fault circuit interrupter electrical receptacles.

Electrical switches placed away from tub or shower.

Grab bars at the shower or tub entrance and inside the enclosure.

No steps at the tub or shower.

Safety glazing on glass used for shower doors.

Shower door swings into the bathroom, not into the shower enclosure.

Bench or seat included in shower enclosure.

Pressure-balanced water control valves are used in the shower.

Temperature regulating water control valves used in the shower.

Storage System Requirements

Adequate counter or shelf space around the lavatory.

Adequate storage for grooming equipment, toiletries, and linens.

Towel bars or rings located within reach of the fixtures.

Bathroom linen and paper product storage space provided.

Storage space for shampoo and such in the shower/tub area.

Mechanical System Requirements

An efficient ventilation system is part of the plan.

The bathroom heating system will keep the space comfortably warm.

Task lighting is provided in every functional area.

General lighting is provided throughout the bathroom.