Bathroom Design for Asian Bathrooms

Asian bathroom design is inspired by the Far East. Influences include the spas and bath houses of Japan, bamboo, and pine. Walls can be painted with symbols for peace, prosperity, and wisdom. The room should incorporate elements of Feng Shui , or positive energy. There may also be a bonsai tree or rock garden.

There are many design elements available for an Asian inspired bathroom. Find ideas through books, magazines, TV, and the internet. The choices are only limited by your imagination and budget. While a blocked imagination can be overcome, budget limitations can only be managed by careful planning.

Look for Inspiration

Many pieces can be taken from other rooms in your. Take a complete inventory before deciding how to design your Asian bathroom. Ask friends and relatives who have completed an Asian inspired bathroom for their thoughts and ideas. You may also want to take pictures of a recently designed space for guidance.

Cost of Materials

Determine the cost of your materials. Doing so requires a trip to the home improvement store. Shop at antique stores and estate sales. You can spend as little as several hundreds dollars to achieve the desired look for your Asian inspired bathroom. The best way to determine the true cost of your Asian inspired bathroom is to read books and magazines to see what type of material is used, then shop online for them. Doing so will give you the best cost estimate.

Installation Considerations

Determine the best approach for the installation. Working within your budget, seek professional assistance in order to properly make your Asian bathroom dream a reality. Only take on tasks within your skill set.