Piece Together Your Bathroom Floor Design With Mosaic Tiles


Showcase your creativity by using mosaic tiles in your bathroom floor design. You can choose from tiles made of glass, pebbles, or ceramic. They are easy to clean, impervious to sunlight and water, and can stand up to high use for many years.

First Choose Your Media

If you don't want to set individual tiles yourself, you can work with tiles that are pre-set onto a sturdy mesh backing. Natural Pebble Tile offers pebble tiles with pebbles and flat stones imported from Bali. Glass Tile Oasis stocks a variety of glass tiles in a wide range of colors.

There's More to a Mosaic Than Tiles

Tiles are placed using Thinset mortar. Its color and composition can effect your project. Avoid using a fast-setting thinset unless you are an experienced tile installer. Think about the type and color of the thinset and grout you choose. Use a gray mortar if you plan to use a dark grout, or white if you plan to use a light colored grout.

Use sand-free grout if your bathroom floor design results in a gap of 1/8-inch or less between tiles. If your design calls for wider gaps, you can use the standard sand grout.