Bathroom Mat Colors Less Likely to Bleed

Bathroom mats are available for purchase in a wide spectrum of colors and many different materials. Most often, the mat is made out of a carpet-like material that is both absorbent and designed to be an attractive and functional part of the bathroom.

The color of a bathroom mat is an important factor in maintaining color brilliance and reducing color bleeding those results from the residual dye on the bathroom mat getting wet.

By and large, white and yellow bathroom mats are the least likely to cause any problems when it comes to color bleeding, but they will stain and absorb outside colors easily.

The colors red, magenta, and dark pink are the most likely to bleed when wet and/or washed because their color pigment doesn’t absorb into fabric as well as a navy blue or royal purple pigment does.

Darker toned colors such as: forest green, midnight blue, and violet are all attractive colors that dye deep into fabric, making it harder to wash-out.

Regardless of the color one chooses, it is important to wash the bathroom mat in the washing machine using hot water to help remove loose dye and prevent colors from bleeding before placing it in the bathroom.