How to Choose a Bathmat

Bathroom mats add a great finishing touch to your bathroom design. With the wide variety of colors, materials, and textures available, a bathroom mat can enhance the ambiance of your bathroom, making it a comfortable and safe place.

Choosing the Right Mat

Choosing the right bathmat is matter of balancing safety features with design and comfort. If safety is a primary concern, choose a mat with a rubber backing that will not slide around the floor. Also pick a mat that provides secure footing and does not become dangerous when wet.

If you're looking to comfort your bare feet, find a mat that is thick, soft to the touch, and easy on which to stand. Consider soft fabrics, carpeting, or even a rubberized fabric.

Another consideration when choosing a bathroom mat is the shape and size. Since most bathrooms are long and narrow, bathroom mats that are rectangular in shape make the most sense. Round bathroom mats can break up a boxy space, especially in a small, square bathroom

Taking the time to choose the right bath mat will help make your bathroom a safe, comfortable, stylish environment.

Styles of Bathroom Mats

Bathroom mats go a long way toward achieving safety and comfort in a room where you are often barefoot. In addition to keeping your feet warm in winter months, a bathroom mat cushions your feet. Bathroom mats with non-slide backing also help prevent falls, a common problem where standing water can making for dangerous footing.

Bathmat styles range from simple cushy comfort to decorative features that finish the look of this often-small room. Rubberized fabric is gaining popularity for both its comfort and water absorption.

Carpeting materials like fluffy shags are also easy on the feet. You can also find woven rag rugs. Standard cotton rugs are decreasing in popularity because they slide around the floor and bunch up, creating a trip hazard.

Another bathroom mat that is gaining in popularity is the sisal rug, an eco-friendly choice that should be waterproofed for bathroom use. Cork is also a great bathroom mat material because it is secure under and is made of natural fibers.