Bathroom Remodeling Ideas You Can Use

Bathroom remodeling ideas abound, and you can leave your own personal touch on your home. You can also change a bathroom to better suit your own personal needs and one of the easiest ways to increase your home's value is by remodeling a bathroom.

Convert a Half-Bath into a Full Bath
Converting a half-bath into a full bath is one of the easiest bathroom remodeling ideas. Depending on the size of your bathroom and the layout of your plumbing, you may need to move a wall. However, adding full baths to your home is an almost guaranteed way to increase your home's value.

Replace Fixtures
If your tub, toilet, or cabinets are more than a decade old, you should consider replacing your bathroom fixtures. Years of water running through the pipes can rust old pipes from the inside, particularly if the pipes contain iron or aluminum. Converting older toilets to low-flow toilets can also save money on the water bill.

Add Decorative Flooring or Accents
Ordinary tile or carpeted floors can be replaced by mosaic or patterned tiles. Even just replacing a few tiles can give the bathroom a whole new look. Water-resistant drywall can be added and covered with decorative tile accents. Tiled floors or walls can be replaced with decorative Swanstone that eliminates grout.