Bathroom Sink Replacement Tips Bathroom Sink Replacement Tips

A simple change that makes a drastic impact is a bathroom sink replacement. By replacing an old sink you get a major facelift without tearing it all out. Adding a new sink can change not only the focal point, but also the theme of the entire bathroom. Use these tips to get the most out of your bathroom sink replacement.

Shut the Water Off

It sounds like a trivial matter, but many people forget this very important tip. Turning off the water before start any plumbing project can save you from having a watery disaster.

Pry the Sink Carefully

Use caulking solvent to loosen the sink before gently lifting it with a small pry bar.

Remove All of the Existing Adhesive

Once you lift the sink, old adhesive will still be stuck to the countertop. Use warm water, soap, and a flat chisel to scrape the residue. The old adhesive can interfere with the new sink, so it must all be removed.

Add New Adhesive to Both the Sink and Countertop

Your replacement sink will form a much stronger bond when you add adhesive to both the sink bottom and the countertop. Set the sink and press in firmly into place.

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