An Environmentally Friendly Bathroom Wall Treatment An Environmentally Friendly Bathroom Wall Treatment

It is possible to cover a bathroom wall in more than one way. It is also possible to use more than one type of wall treatment in a bathroom. An environment friendly wall treatment will give you the satisfaction of having done your bit for the Green Movement.

The home improvement industry offers a variety of innovative bathroom wall treatment products that minimize environment contamination. Bathroom tiles, wallpaper and cladding (including tongue and groove cladding) are some of the options you can look for.

Eco-friendly wall plasters - These are made from natural plaster and pigments taken from earth and are a good bathroom wall treatment.

Wall tiles - You can get creative as there are innumerable choices available. Choose tiles made of natural substances like glass, ceramic, clay and cork for your bathroom wall.

Non-toxic paints - Use non/low VOC paints. VOC refers to volatile organic compounds. Non toxic paints improve indoor air quality.

Bathroom cladding - Bathroom cladding is a control element to safely direct water in order to prevent infiltration into the building structure. Make sure that you choose bathroom cladding made from natural substances like stone, metal, wood or clay.

Whatever type of bathroom wall treatment you choose, avoid anything and everything made from synthetic materials like plastics and vinyl. Make sure that non-waterproof treatments are kept away from 'wet' areas.

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