Bath/Shower Enclosure Installation

What You'll Need
Tub-shower enclosure parts
Carpenters level
Silicone caulk
Variable-speed drill
Glass and tile drill bit
Drill bit set
Caulk gun
Miter box
Mill file
Adjustable wrench
Fine-point erasable marker

Families with children who like to play in the bathtub and shower will be pleased to know that by installing a bath shower enclosure they can avoid having to mop up the usual bath water that spills out onto the bathroom floor. If you plan to take on this kind of project, just follow the steps below.

Step 1 -  Choose the Right Enclosure

The typical bath-shower enclosure is one-sided. That is, the enclosure is installed on one side of a tub or shower that is surrounded by three walls. For other styles of enclosures you will need a custom made enclosure. The instructions below are for the three-sided enclosure you will be able to purchase at most home improvement stores.

Step 2 – Plan Your Installation

Measure the opening into which you will insert your enclosure. This will ensure that your enclosure will fit. Use a carpenter's level to be sure the walls on which you will attach the enclosure are plumb. If both walls are not plum you will not be able to install one of these enclosures in this space.

Step 3 – Measure and Cut the Bottom Track

Using tape, temporarily secure the two jambs on their prospective walls, one on each wall. Measure the distance from jamb to jamb, measuring the inside of the two jambs. Mark this dimension on the bottom track, then use a miter box with a hacksaw to cut the track to fit the dimensions you've just marked on it.

Step 4 – Position the Track on the Tub Ledge

Lay the track level on the tub ledge, with its low parallel side turned toward the inside of the tub. Then, use an erasable marker to draw a line alongside the track edge. This line will allow you to put the track in place, without having to measure again.

Step 5 – Attach the Jambs

With the jambs in position and plumb, mark the screw holes on the wall, showing where you'll need to drive screws into the wall to hold the jam in place. Install anchors at these screw marks. With a 1/8 inch bit in your drill, make a guide hole in the tile at each screw location, and then use a large bit to create the screw hole. When your anchors have been installed, screw the jambs into place.

Step 6 – Attach and Caulk the Bottom Track

Place a bead of caulk on the track's bottom surface and press the track into place on the tub edge.

Step 7 – Cut and Attach the Top Track

Measure and cut the top track. Glue it to the ceiling, using the same procedure as you did with the bottom track.

Step 8 – Attach Door Rollers

Position the door rollers in the appropriate slots and secure them by tightening the screws.

Step 9 – Caulk the Enclosure

Place a bead of caulk between jambs and walls, and between bottom track and tub edge.

Step 10 – Install Doors

Lift the doors—rollers on top—until the rollers are in place in the top track.