Bathtub Restoration: Is It Cost Effective?

refurbished bath tub

If you have a bathtub that is cracked, chipped, difficult to clean, has an out-of-date color, or is just plain worn out, you have two choices. You can perform either a a bathtub restoration or a bathtub replacement.

Having your tub restored and refinished will not only offer savings to your pocketbook, but it will also save you time in having to remove and replace your old bathtub. To make a decision as to which of these choices would work best for you and your household, think about the factors involved.

Cost Factors

The National Kitchen and Bath Association estimates that the average cost of replacing a bathtub is $3,500. Restoring or refinishing your bathtub costs between $300 and $650, depending on individual requirements. Although the cost of a purchasing a new tub can be fairly minimal, you must also consider other expenses, such as demolition, removal of your old bathtub, plumbing, tile or carpet installation, carpentry, transporting the old bathtub to a landfill.

Cost and Time Comparisons

In addition to the time and cost involved in all of these, there will also be the cost and time involved in removing and installing a new tub. Unless you are capable of taking on a tub removal and installation project on your own, the financial cost of such a project can add up quickly. In contrast, refinishing your tub is less expensive and takes less time. Refinishing will be at least 20% less expensive than replacement.

Convenience Factors

In addition to financial considerations, keep in mind the inconvenience of replacing a tub. If you choose to swap your tub, you must plan on several days of disruption and mess in your bathroom before the project is completed. There will also be multiple sub-contractors involved in the tub removal process which will require additional coordination, cost, and time. The stress and hassle of having your bathroom out of commission for several days or weeks should also be a consideration and require a higher price than you would like to pay.

Restoration Factors

Refinishing or re-glazing a bathtub to make it appear like new is always an option. Once a tub has been refinished, it will be as resilient and long-lasting; it can last up to 15 years.

If you have a tub with an outdated color, it might be possible for you to update the color to match the décor of your bathroom. Unlike having a tub removed, refinishing your tub is a much simpler process which involves the work of only one contractor and can be done in a few hours.

Environmental Factors

If you choose to have your tub removed, you must also consider the effects it will have on the environment. Refurbishing your tub is a much more eco-friendly solution.