Bathtub Surround Installation Tips Bathtub Surround Installation Tips

Updating your bathroom can be simple and inexpensive if you install a bathtub surround, rather than remodeling your bathroom. To install one of these surrounds you will need only a few simple materials, tools and instructions.

Wall Surfaces Preparation

With faucets and other fixtures and knobs removed from the area where you will be placing your surround, the project will go much more smoothly.

Surround Piece Attachment

Pieces of surround you wish to attach to the wall will be more straight and level if you first fit corner pieces in place with a ¼-inch bead of caulk at the outer edges of these pieces before adding other pieces.

Center Back Panel Placement

Your center back panel will need to be placed with caulking in the center between the first corner's right edge and the second corner's left edge.

Side Panel Attachment

Your side panels will go on with less fuss if you cut holes in them before you fit them against the wall. You faucets and shower heads will then fit into these holes more snugly. When in place, the panel edges will need caulk applied to them to keep them from leaking.

Seam Reinforcement

All seams will require clear caulk to seal them from invading water. The caulk should be allowed to dry for 24 hours.

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