Batter Boards

Batter boards are a pair of horizontal boards nailed to posts set at the corners of an excavation. The batter boards indicate the proper level and serve as a fastening place for stretched cord to show the outlines of the foundation walls.

Batter boards are a temporary framework used to assist in locating the corners when laying out the foundation.

Uses for Batter Boards

Batter boards are suitable marks placed for use as a reference or a guide during the initial excavation and rough grading of a construction of a building. Batter boards are a temporary device that supports the stretched cord that marks the outline of a structure.

Sizes of Batter Boards

Most batter boards consist of 2 by 4 inch stakes driven in the ground. And each stake has a crosspiece of 1 by 6 inch lumber nailed to it. Batter boards are a great thing to use in the construction of a building to help support things. Batter boards are temporary but very useful.