Battery Sump Pumps

So many people struggle to keep their basements dry, and when inclement weather strikes and the power goes out, a standard sump pump doesn’t work. Battery sump pumps can make a great backup for your standard sump pump and help keep your basement dry even in the worst of storms.

Recommendations for Battery Sump Pumps

If you have a home that you leave unattended for extended periods of time or where the power regular goes out, you should really invest in battery sump pumps. Compact versions of battery sump pumps can be purchased for a few hundred dollars and easily installed by the homeowner. 

Often you have to buy the battery for battery sump pumps separately from the pump itself. These batteries for battery sump pumps can vary greatly in price, but don’t go for the cheapest. Battery sump pumps are only as good as the quality of the battery after all, so buy the best battery you can find.

Typically battery sump pumps are used just as backups to existing sump pump systems. They usually install right on your current sump pump easily and only run when the power goes out.