Bay Window Curtain Rods

Bay window curtain rods allow homeowners to install any standard window treatment into their bay windows.

Bay windows are constructed with three windows creating an angled bay while presenting the appearance of one single window. However, treating three windows at angles to one another presents particular challenges to home decorators.

Specialized bay window curtain rods
Purpose-built bay window curtain rods have a flexible track that bends to follow the contours of the bay window.  Bending these can be a challenge and requires special tools. However, these continuous rods create the best aesthetics for bay window curtains by allowing the draperies to pull to each side of the bay.

Individual curtain rods
An alternative to installing bent-track bay window curtain rods is to mount individual straight rods over each segment of the bay window. Straight rods are easier to find at retailers and consequently easier for a single DIYer to install on their own.

Separate rods require that window treatments be pulled to each side of individual window panels and bunched into the corners of the bay. This also blocks some of the light from the bay window. Many homeowners also find the aesthetics less pleasant.