Many Options For Bay Window Curtains

Bay window curtains give privacy to bay windows, which are often the focal point of a home’s façade.

Bay windows are constructed with three panes creating a square or arced bay. However, all three panels should be treated as a single window when you are planning your bay window curtains.

Curtaining the windows
Make sure there is enough clearance above a window frame and then mount a continuous curved drapery rod or any standard curtain panel in the bay window. Curtains should be mounted so they draw to each side of the opening of the bay, rather than to the sides of the individual panels.

Roman shades are another common choice for bay window curtains. Roman shades raise to the top of each window panel. A valance can hide the shades when the curtains are up.

Curtaining off the bay
If mounting curtains on the panels of the bay window is impractical, floor-to-ceiling curtains can be mounted across the opening to the bay. This closes off the area of the bay window when the curtains are closed, but draws attention to the bay when they are opened.