Bay Window Desk: 3 Design Ideas

If you have a bay window, and would like to turn it into a useful work area, adding a window desk would do the trick! There are several choices for the design. Here are three ideas to consider for the space.

1.  Plexiglas Desk

You can buy a sheet of Plexiglas at a home improvement store and buy metal leg kits for it. Leg kits come in sets of two so you will have to purchase two sets. You can have them cut it to your specifications, or you can cut it yourself. If you want something a little unusual, make a pattern in a shape, such as, oval, rectangular, or kidney shaped.

2.  Plywood and Wire Shelves

Plywood is easy to work with and inexpensive. Purchase two standing wire shelves and place on each side of your bay window. Cut a piece of plywood to fit across the top and attach to the wire shelves on the bottom with brackets. Paint or stain the wood to your liking. Add wicker baskets to your wire shelving units for tidy storage.

3. An Old Door and file cabinets

You can use an old door to make a desk as long as it is flat. Use two file cabinets, in metal or wood, and cut the door to fit in your bay window's space. Paint the door and place on the file cabinets.