Bay Window Treatment Ideas

If you have a home with bay windows, you no doubt love them. If your home doesn’t have bay windows, you no doubt wish it did. There’s something about bay windows that we just can’t get enough of. Lounging in the bright sunlight enjoying a glass of tea, cozying up on a rainy day with a good book or enjoying a family meal together are just a few of the images that pop up when one thinks about bay windows.

But, if you’re one of the lucky ones, you may be having a difficult time of coming up with ways to decorate that enviable space. With three windows side-by-side in a half circle formation, it’s harder than one might imagine finding suitable decoration arrangements that maintains the appeal of the space without overdoing it. Here are a few ideas to help.

The key to most bay window treatments is the hardware that’s needed for the treatments to fit properly in the area. This is usually accommodated by installing a customized curved track that is specially made to follow the contours of your bay window. By installing this type of track, it opens up a world of possibilities.

If you choose a double runner, you can add a layer of texture to your bay window treatments, such as using a solid cloth runner accented by a lace pattern on top.

You can also choose from a wide range of shades to deliver the absolute perfect combination of light and shade to the area. Some popular choices are billowing balloon shades for a romantic feel, Roman shades for a classic and refined look, pleated fabric shades for sun-drenched areas or roller shades that virtually disappear when lifted to allow for a wondrous view. 

Another bay window treatment that works effectively is the use of plantation shutters. These wood shutters add a richness and solid light filtering aspect that can help your bay windows look as unique as they do beautiful.

Dave Donovan is a freelance copywriter living in Atco, N.J. An electrician for 15 years, an injury forced him to pursue his true passion - writing.