Beach Furniture: 3 Fun Designs Beach Furniture: 3 Fun Designs

When it comes to beach furniture, the options are limitless. You can have beach furniture strictly for the beach area, within your home and on your deck or patio.

Beach furniture is made to capture the essence of the calm ocean and relaxed nature. Here are some ways you can incorporate the beach into your home.

Idea #1 - Tropical Furniture

Tropical furniture pictures palm trees and natural hues. They are typically made of rattan, wicker, wrought iron and bamboo.

A great way to incorporate tropical furniture outdoors is to create a lush landscape full of tropical plants. Add a fun design element by placing a tropical furniture piece such as a bamboo seat on the patio. Have a banana tree planted behind it and hanging over the seat for shade. Put a decorative monkey in the banana tree that is easily seen.

Transform your old tables by painting them neutral colors and adding a tropical flair with sea shells, palm trees and more.

Idea #2 - Paint A Beach Scene To Accent Beach Furniture

In the room of your choice, paint a beach scene such as water, the sky or sunset and a dock. You can even make the dock look as though it is going out to water and you could walk on it. When you add your beach furniture around it, the furniture takes on a whole new life. You can do this yourself with paint by free hand, stencils or you can buy a mural. These all can be picked up at your local home improvement store. To add another fun element, put wood pieces on the wall to act as the posts of the deck.

Idea #3 - Beach Chair Designed to Fish!

You can also buy or create a beach chair that is also designed to hold your fishing rod when not in use. This is easily done by utilizing the cup holder on any standard chair. Depending on your rod design, you can sometimes simply put a piece of wood across the center of it to hold it in place.

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