Bead Crafting Provides One of A Kind Accents for Home Décor Bead Crafting Provides One of A Kind Accents for Home Décor

Beading is very popular these days in the world of amateur crafting. An easy craft to get into requiring little in the way of a learning curve, beading is appreciated as an outlet for creativity with the freedom to do with it what you please. Though many think of beading as purely for jewelry making purposes, bead crafting is an excellent choice for home décor as well. Using inexpensive glass beads, you can make beautiful shining accents for your home.

There are many places beads can be used in the home to coordinate decorative elements with custom colors and designs. Though there are commonly used techniques, there are no hard and fast rules in beading, and you can manipulate beads and wire to create your own original decorative pieces. If you are a novice beader and uncomfortable going it alone, there are many patterns you can customize with your choice of beads and accents. Search websites and bookstores. A handy reference to get you started in beadwork is Beading for the First Time, by Ann Benson (2001, Sterling Publishing Co.)

Bead crafts provide an excellent outlet for crafting table coordinates. Candle rings, whether on the dining table or throughout the home, are a sparkling way to make the most of a candle display. Give new life to old candlesticks by weaving rings of beaded color. On cloth napkins, beaded trims and napkin rings give a custom look to an otherwise run of the mill retail purchase. For a gathering, craft wine glass charms (also known as beverage rings or glass markers) to help your guests keep track of their drinks in a crowd, or for a new twist on the idea, craft climbing strands of beads wrapping vine-like around glass stems, accentuating the bottom with a charm, flower or other embellishment.

Simply weaving a wire strung with beads onto a plain basket dresses up the basket. Even filling the bottom of a vase full of flowers with glass beads is a quick and simple way to step things up a notch.

The home holds many other opportunities for accenting with beaded décor. Use long strands or belts of beads for curtain tiebacks, hang many strings for a curtain effect in a teenager’s room, accent a window dressings by running a long beaded string along a scarf or swag. Add a band of beadwork to tassels you might already have on curtain tiebacks.

A quick way to rejuvenate old lamp shades with beads and a little hot glue is to trim along the top or bottom with a ribbon of hanging beads (sold pre-strung at bead supply stores). For more creativity and flair, sew, glue or wire beads in any pattern to the shade.

Beads are a wonderful accent to throw pillows, too. Make your own or customize a set you already have by adding beaded trims, or sew beads to the pillow with simple stitches.

You can make decorative home accents without ever stringing a bead. Look at your local bead supply or shop for beads and supplies on the web for double sided tapes. The strong glues hold tiny seed beads to make bands and sheets of beads to add to vases, jars, toppers and more (you can use these tapes as an alternative to weaving bands for can candle sticks and some of the other projects mentioned before, too).

Consult beading books or internet resources for instructions on sewing beads to fabrics or onto needlepoint canvas for intricately designed ornaments, coasters and doilies, a way to bring a picture to life without the ability to draw or paint. The same process can be used to create elaborate wall hangings and more.

Bead crafting provides an unlimited outlet for creating unique accents for the home. Combine color, size, texture and the elements of wire, glass and fabrics to create decorative elements that are truly unique to your home.

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