Beautiful Budget Christmas Decor

A Christmas tree decorated in cash.

Create a few traditions and take the stress out of Christmas by staying within a decorating budget. You can still have the glitter and glamour by using a little ingenuity and utilizing items you probably already have around the house.

Wall Decorations with Gift Wrap

You already have wrapping paper, so why not use it to cover all your existing pictures that are hung on your walls and make some decorative Christmas gift look-a-likes? Add a little ribbon and voila, your walls show off your Christmas spirit.

A great way to add a little charm to the mantle (or any area that needs a little cheer), is to take a wide ribbon and hang it from one end of the mantle to the other. Leave a little play in the ribbon and pull up in the center. Find some mini clothes pins at the craft store and use them to hang either past Christmas photographs or the incoming Christmas cards.

Vintage Tree Accents

How would you like an old fashioned Christmas tree? Did you know that the first decorations for Christmas trees were all homemade? Let’s bring that tradition back.

You could do the usual thing of stringing popcorn and cranberries (which also doubles as bird food once you throw the tree out after the holidays). Other garland ideas that the kids would have fun making are garlands from wrapping paper. All you have to do is cut strips about one to two inches wide and about six inches long. Once you have a bunch of strips cut, loop one into a circle and glue the ends together. Take the next strip and loop through the first circle. Continue for as long as you need and you have your homemade garland ready to hang.

A gathering of Christmas gingerbread cookies.

How about adding a little flare and making ornaments with cookie cutters? Follow this recipe for traditional salt dough ornaments. Then bake, decorate, add a ribbon, and you're done.

Other ornament ideas include painting mason jar lids white, gold or silver. Then find some holiday stickers and stick them to the painted lid. Add a ribbon, and you will have an ornament. You could also use bottle caps from soda bottles if you want a variety of sizes for your tree.

Find yourself some pine cones and spray them with some spray adhesive, sprinkling glitter on them. Add a ribbon and they are ready to hang.

Table Centerpieces

While you are out gathering pine cones for your tree decor, you could also gather some small twigs to make a centerpiece for your table. Spread craft glue on them and douse them in glitter for a glam take on a natural theme. Then place the twigs in a vase of your choice.

A close-up of branches covered in ice.

Do you have another large clear vase? Add some of your favorite ornaments to make a simple yet colorful centerpiece.

Candy canes are a dime a dozen during the holidays. Buy a few boxes, find an empty coffee can, and line the candy canes up around the outside of the can with the hook of the cane facing out. Use a dab of hot glue to hold them to the can. Add a ribbon around the canes for a distinctive touch. To complete the project, (and hide the coffee can) put some evergreen boughs or fresh flowers inside the can and let them hang over the edges slightly.

A grouping of candy canes in a vintage glass Christmas cup.

One of my favorite things to add a little festive touch is to take some of my mismatched wine glasses and fill them with candy. You can group a few in the center of a table, or line them up on a buffet, a mantle, or a bookshelf for some simple, classy holiday decor.