Bed Cornice Designs

To liven up a dull bedroom, consider a bed cornice. There are a variety of designs to choose from and they are all guaranteed to make your bed a beautiful focal point of the room.

As opposed to a canopy, or a traditional headboard, which can take up space and even overpower a smaller room, a cornice can actually give the illusion that your bedroom is bigger, while still refining the room with a designer’s touch.

Here are some design ideas:

The Grand Canopy

With an elegant cornice attached above your bed, you can use old curtains or special material that matches your style to create a royal look for your simple bed. The cornices for this sort of look can be embellished with rhinestones, covered with a lush gold fabric, or be painted with a rich pattern. To get the desired effect, they should be only ¼ of your bed’s width so that the material you use is bunched at the top and then flows down to either side of your bed, beckoning for sweet dreams.

An Added Window

A window cornice can double as a bed cornice, and give the illusion of added space and light. If you have an old window cornice, simply recover or paint it to match your room, and install it at the same height as other windows in the room. Attach the window dressings you already have in the bedroom, or pick up some special drapes that will accent your bed. Make sure they are thick. For an extra touch, consider hanging a mirror behind the drapes, which will help add dimension to your bedroom.

Modern Art

A streamlined, modern-looking cornice will tie in nicely with a clean, contemporary room. This cornice should the width of your bed or slightly bigger, and one solid color. Consider one in leather, or faux suede and tuck a light fixture inside. Beneath it, mount a bold painting, a set of black and white photographs, or apply a simple wall decal. When you turn on the hidden light, your bed will become a work of art.

The Kid’s Corner

A cornice in a baby or child’s room is an especially exceptional look. While any little girl would feel like a princess with a monogrammed cornice over her bed, a little boy’s bed can be transformed into a secret fort with a special wooden cornice. Cornices for baby’s rooms should be simple and elegant, customizing the space for your little one. All cornices in kids’ rooms should be especially sturdy and mounted to the wall with extra care to make sure little hands can’t pull them down.

Whether it’s wood, foam board, fabric, or metal, simple or ornate, a cornice can provide the look to tie together an entire bedroom. It adds a custom touch that can be switched out with changing times, and dressed up or down depending on your tastes. Regardless of what design you choose, a cornice ensures that you will be sleeping in style.