Bedding Sand Bedding Sand

A coarse sand is added to concrete mixes and to make the bedding sand for setting pavers or bricks.

Specification of Bedding Sand Layers

Specifications for bedding sand were developed by those that used it for concrete manufacture from the consequences that inappropriate specification criteria caused.

Sand Classification

Soil particles may be classified on the basis of their size and sands can be fine, medium, or coarse. In the unified classification system, sand is given the classifications symbol S if there is less then 50 per cent of the coarse fraction is in the gravel range.

Sand Types

The best bedding sands are naturally occurring loose sands because when sandstone is crushed there is no guarantee that it will not revert to the original grains from which it was formed.

Sand Grading

Perhaps the most important material characteristic of bedding sand is its grading. Good concrete sand can be often termed as a sharp well graded material. Sharp usually refers to the angularity and the maximum size of the sand grains.

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