Beech Tree Pruning Tips

A beech tree.

Like most other trees, the beech tree needs to be pruned from time to time. Pruning is very important to help the tree in retaining a nice, healthy look and to prolong its life. These tips will help you carry out the pruning process.

Remove Dead Branches and Those Which Seem to Be Dying

A beech tree’s branches can be negatively affected in several ways especially through bad weather such as wind and storms. Animals and insects may also cause damage to the tree’s branches. Therefore it is important to remove branches which have already died and even those which seem to be affected and almost dead. Sometimes it is also suggested to remove the stubs that are nearby.

Cut in a Proportionate Manner

Pruning is a way of maintaining the tree’s size, keeping it healthy and manageable. It is best to try to cut in a proportionate way. This will help in enhancing the tree’s appearance. It will also help to avoid deformation of the tree as time goes by.

How to Cut the Small Branches or Twigs

When you need to cut a small branch or twig try to do so slightly above the bud and facing outward so that the branch will grow again and it will grow outwards.

How to Cut Larger Branches

If the specific branch is a large one, you may have to make more than one cut. You need to ensure that you do not leave any stubs and that you do not tear the bark.

Remove Branches Too Close to Each Other

Such branches will get intertwined as time goes by, causing the tree to become unsightly and have leaf overcrowding, which can affect its health. It is best to remove branches which are too close to each other so as not to impair the tree’s further growth.

Remove Some of the Lower Branches

Since the beech tree is a very large tree, you may need to consider cutting away some of the lower branches which may be causing some sort of hindrance to the nearby street or path.

Use the Right Equipment and Tools

Make sure to use the adequate tools and equipment to carry out this task so as to ensure that you will not be causing any damage to the tree. Make sure that they are sharp enough to make clean cuts. Clean cuts go a long way in the rapid healing process of your tree.

Wound Dressing

Applying wound dressing will not help in the healing process of your beech tree. If you prune your tree with the right tools, making clean cuts, then there is no need for any wound dressing.