Beginner's Guide to Installing Gate Locks Beginner's Guide to Installing Gate Locks

What You'll Need
Marking equipment
Latch lock
Drill machine
Goggles for eye protection
Extension wires

Installing gate locks increases home security. The best advantage of a gate lock is that pets and children can be kept safe inside the confines of a house. The best choice of lock to be installed is the one, which is easy to access. There is a large variety of locks available in the market these days. Keeping in mind easy accessibility the best choice is a sliding lock. This has a sliding latch design that can be locked when required.

Step 1 - Getting Together Materials

Visit a hardware store and acquire all materials needed. Keep a drill machine in home for minor repairs. Bits matching the screw size used should also be kept handy. Buy a nail tray, and keep tools in it so that work is facilitated and tools are accessible.

Step 2 - Marking Area for Lock Installation

The latch is commonly "U" shaped. Put the lock together so that position can be estimated. Mark the location for lock assembly by placing the "U" latch on the gate. It should rest in a way that one side joins the gate and the other joins the post. Take extra caution in making sure that the lock rests evenly on the gate. The latch should be aligned horizontal with the gate. Mark spots for screws, where holes need to be drilled.

Step 3 - Drilling Holes for Lock

Using the drill machine make holes in the places marked for the screws. It is important to make the holes narrower by using thinner drill bits. The screws can be fixed firmer in the wood when the holes are narrow. Ensure that the drill machine is making a right angle with the door. This way the holes made are straight and do not cause wood to split. If the holes are made wider by accident hammer thin splinters of wood in the holes.

Step 4 - Installing the Latch

Put the lock latch in place where the holes have been drilled to see if the holes are present where required. In case a hole is misplaced, use a hammer and nails to widen the hole, so it is aligned with the latch screw holes. Dismantle the latch and separate the two parts. Tightly screw in place the latch on the gate and then the peace meant for the post. Close the gate to confirm if both latches line up properly.

Step 5 - Checking for Precision

When the latch is installed check the arrangement to make sure it works properly. Check the "U" shaped holder by flipping the latch on it. If it slides in place without difficulty then the assembly is accurate. Now place the padlock in the latch. If the assembly is correct, the lock should easily slip in the holes. If however the holes are not aligned then the latches will have to be re-installed. For further security a chain can be used with the padlock. If power saving is not an option then, electronic security gate locks can also be installed but they require uninterrupted power supply and can be a nuisance in case of power disruption.

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