A Beginner's Guide to Sunrooms A Beginner's Guide to Sunrooms

Have you always wanted to add more space to your current home?

Many people are intimidated by the thoughts of additions - After all, if you’re putting on an addition to your home, you have to worry about excavating the site and laying a foundation, and then there is the actual construction time and costs, no to mention that you will also have to install electrical, heating and cooling systems in your new room. For many people, the hassle and expense of an addition jut proves to be too much. Fortunately, more and more people are realizing the value and ease of having a sunroom installed on their home.

Sunrooms offer forth a beautiful outdoor living space, where your children can play, you can entertain guests, or even kick back and relax in your hot tub. Surrounded by windows, sunrooms not only make your house seem larger, but they also make you feel closer to nature and grant a feeling of peace and relaxation. Sunrooms are also bright and cheerful and, regardless of the weather, there is something incredible about being able to relax and feel so close to nature without having to deal with unpleasant things like mosquitoes or the sudden sprinklings of an unexpected shower.

So What is a Sunroom?

A sunroom is a structure that is built onto a house, allowing the user to enjoy nature without having to deal with exposure to sun, rain, wind, or insects. Commonly referred to as a solarium, patio enclosure, or a Florida room, they are usually built of a combination of brick, glass, and PVC. Some have a clear plastic roof, in order to allow sunlight in, while others will have a roof over, to help block out harmful UV rays and for added protection from the elements. Sometimes, sunrooms are constructed at the side of a house but, commonly, they are placed in the back, overlooking the back yard or garden, in order to create the sensation of being out in the garden. Talk about a wonderful way to enjoy the afternoon!

What Kind of Sunrooms are Available?

There are many different styles of sunrooms to choose from but, generally, they fall into one of 3 main categories; contemporary, traditional or Edwardian. Sunrooms are usually divided into these different categories, based on the shape of the roof, the number and size of the windows it has, and the use of decoration (or lack of, in the case of most contemporary sunrooms). In some cases, certain zoning requirements will necessitate the need for a certain type of sunroom on certain types of houses. Always be sure to discuss this with the salesman and ensure they are familiar with ordinances in your area.

The Growth of the Sunroom

In more rural areas, farmhouses commonly had covered or screened in porches, allowing people to relax in the evening, out where they could enjoy the cool breeze and the sounds of nature all around them. However, as more people began to move into the city and with the growth of the suburbs, the luxury of a covered porch became something that one just equated with the country. People in the suburbs simply spent their time in their gardens and on their back patios. Naturally, this was difficult when poor weather conditions and insects made it impossible to spend so much time out on the patio. The answer to this was to screen in these back patios and cover them up, providing an additional room that was ideal for families to gather and enjoy the days and evenings together. Through the years, technology evolved and these sunrooms were fine-tuned and perfected. This included their being designed with storm windows and made of lightweight, yet sturdy, materials.

Modern-day sunrooms are environmentally friendly, quickly assembled, and economical. Not only do they provide protection from the elements and extend enjoyment of the seasons, sunrooms also increase the value of your home. There are many reasons to get a sunroom installed on your home and, even better, most companies will offer free estimates to potential buyers. So what are you waiting for? Installing a sunroom is a great improvement for both your home and for your family.

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