Being Green Means Benefits All Around Being Green Means Benefits All Around

Being green is not just a mental state, it is a way of life. There are so many different ways to “go green”. You will be surprised at the lack of effort needed to live green. Leading by example is the best marketing technique; you can be the “green” help we all need for inspiration.

The Three Rs

Recycle – Recycle anything that you will not be able to reuse, after you reuse items, you can still recycle them. You can recycle just about anything except for biodegradable Items. You can use biodegradable items to create compost for your vegetable garden.

Reduce – Reduce the amount of trash you dispose of, by buying in bulk whenever possible. Instead of buying those packages of tiny little bags of chips, buy the family size bag and divide them in Ziploc bags, then reuse the Ziploc bags whenever possible. You can also reduce waste by reusing items.

Reuse - Reuse everything that comes into your home whenever possible. Use the plastic grocery bags to line waste bins and litter boxes. Reuse newspaper by saving them for art projects or place settings for craft projects, then you can recycle them.

Grow Your Food

Growing you own vegetables organically can help the environment in several ways. You can take care of insects without the use of pesticides, which are harmful for the atmosphere and, by making your own vegetables, you save yourself from buying them from the grocery store. This method will save on fuel used to transport vegetables to the store, and reduce packaging materials.

Besides helping the environment, growing your own food helps you. Fresh vegetables are healthier than those bought in the store, even organic versions, and they are less expensive as well. The less money wasted on unnecessarily expensive food, the more you have available to devote to green living.

There is also a significant sense of satisfaction that comes from watching the growth process. Planting and nurturing the seed until it is a satisfying, healthy food is a great way to connect to the environment and a great way to teach any children in your life about the life cycle, work, and the bounty of the harvest.

Benefits the Future

When you go green you are ensuring that you pass down this trait to your children who will learn through example. Your children will then do their part in ensuring that this world is around for decades to come.

What's more, teaching children a green lifestyle will make living in an environmentally healthy way seem natural to them, and they will be more likely to follow that lifestyle as adults.

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