Bell Pepper Varieties Explained

There are several varieties of bell peppers that you can choose to grow in your garden, varying from sweeter tasting peppers to hot peppers.

Sweet Peppers

Recognized most often as the “yellow pepper” or the “red pepper”, sweet peppers are normally used on salads or in stir-fries. Having a “sweeter” taste than other peppers, these peppers usually grow yellow and can change to orange and red if grown past its initial ripeness, taking 65-70 days from planting the seeds before reaching maturity. The “Banana” pepper and the “Gypsy” pepper are examples of these peppers.

Hybrid Bell Peppers

These are the “green peppers” also used in salads or stir-fries with a “vegetable” taste. They are not sweet like the sweet peppers, not hot like hot peppers, but have a flavorful taste. These can grow in “classic” green, but the newer hybrids of peppers will often change to red or brown after 72 days. These peppers generally take 70-75 days to mature after planting. The “Bell Boy” pepper and the “Lady Bell” pepper are examples of hybrid peppers.

Hot Peppers

Hot peppers are generally used in ethnic style cooking where spice is important. These can take anywhere from 70 to 85 days to come to maturity for planting. Most of these are long peppers and are either bright red or deep red. Jalapeno peppers are a very popular pepper in this variety.