Belt Course Belt Course

A horizontal board carried at the same level across or around a building and is usually made of a flat member and a molding is a belt course. Belt Course is a molding or projecting course running horizontally along the face of a building.  Belt course is also called stringcourse or band course.

The belt course is a continuous row or layer of stones, tile, brick, or shingles in a wall. The Romanesque style of architecture is notable for the use of belt course. Similar to a belt course is an entablature which runs along the top of a row of columns instead of along a wall.

The Benefits of a Belt Course

The designs of things that you can make these days are incredible. Thanks to the people back in the days and in different countries who made up there own styles, and now we have those styles that we can build our building designs from or we can come up with our own.

Landscapers can make your yard look really nice and neat with great belt course layers of stones on your garden or anywhere you can put a layer of stones in a wall or along the columns.

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