Belt vs Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

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When it comes to having a good, solid way to raise your garage door, the screw drive garage door opener is a good option for homeowners. Being able to raise your garage door from the comfort of your car is a great convenience that is made affordable for anyone. With recent improvements to the way that garage door openers are built, installing them is fairly easy for any DIY enthusiast. The question is not whether or not to buy a garage door opener, but which one to buy?

Screw Drive or Belt Drive?

The screw drive garage door opener is rather unique in the way that it raises the door. It operates on a threaded rod that moves the lifting mechanism up and down the rod according to the direction. The belt drive system, on the other hand, uses a belt and pulley system where a long rubber belt powers the door's travels. Out of the three choices, these two are at the top of the price structure. However, that should not be the only point to consider.

Noise Comparisons

One of the biggest concerns people have after they have installed a garage door opener is the amount of noise that it produces. This is especially true for those who live in a home where the living area, or bedrooms, are located above the garage. The noise is generated from several different parts of the garage door opener. Things like pulleys, metal to metal contact, power unit engaging, and door raising are all factors to consider. When it comes to either the belt drive or the screw drive, the belt has a quieter operation. As long as the pulley is greased, there is essentially no noise made with the belt moving. However, the motor produces most of the noise.

Strength of System

For many people, one of the things that prompt them to buy a new garage door opener is that they have remodeled their garage, and added a new door. This can be a wider door, an insulated door, a heavy oak door, or some other type that will add warmth and style to the garage. A screw drive garage door opener is going to be able to produce more lifting power than the belt drive simply for the way that the system is set up. The threaded rod will allow the lifting mechanism to raise larger loads without slipping.

Ease of Installation

All of today's versions of garage door openers are much easier to install than their predecessors. However, when it comes to quick, DIY installation, the belt drive is the one to choose. Some companies are using a great all-in-one system where the rail is simply folded out and lifted into place. All the connections are made so you only need to set the right measurements for the mounting brackets.


Any comparison is going to end with the price. While some of your needs are going to dictate which type of garage door opener that you will buy, the price can play a part. The belt drive system does cost more than the screw drive garage door opener, but the benefits may essentially outweigh that.