Bench Seat Upholstery Tips Bench Seat Upholstery Tips

Changing out your bench seat upholstery is an easy way to enhance the room or refresh a bench. Here are some tips to take into consideration when getting started.

Filling for the Cushion

You first need to decide about the type of cushion you want. Make a decision about the firmness and thickness before purchasing any fabric because that measurement will change according to this specifications. You can buy one large piece of foam, sold at craft stores, or buy stuffing to fill-in. The advantage of choosing one large piece of foam is that is gives the cushion a more smooth look. Buy a larger than needed piece that you can cut down to fit the cushion. Place the cushion on the actual seat and sit on it. You will want to make sure none of the rough or pointed edges of the bench seat can be felt when the cushion is in place.

The advantages of filling is you can add or take away to make the cushion fuller or slimmer. You can then stuff the cushion to the exact measurement of the seat. To avoid clumping you may want to consider adding some tufted button features to the cushion to even out the appearance.

Pick a Fabric

Decide what will be the best design for your bench seat. If it will be in a high traffic area, perhaps make a cover that can be taken off and washed easily. Or you can make it out of a fabric that is easy to clean such as microfiber or cotton. If the bench seat will be used outdoors use and outdoor fabric that can be hosed down and will be strong against nature's elements. When choosing your fabric, pick a color that will go with your room. However, you may want to consider a more neutral color. This way if you wanted to move the bench seat somewhere else and use it, you could. You can always accents with pillows if you wanted to go with bolder colors.

Time to Assemble

The easiest way to make a seat cushion for your bench it to use a piece of wood the size of the bench. Put the foam cushion on top of it. Measure the width and height of the cushion and go get enough fabric to cover and wrap around the seat. Using a staple gun, wrap fabric tight around the cushion and wood piece and staple along the underside of the wood. As you complete one side, it will be easier to pull and make the fabric tight to staple. Place the completed cushion with wood on top the bench and drill screws into it from underneath. Make sure the screws are not as long as thickness of the wood, so they do not poke through to the cushion or fabric. If you ever need to change out the fabric you can simply unscrew the wood, pull out the staples and replace the fabric.

If you are recovering an existing bench seat cover, take the cushion apart and use it as a pattern for the new cover. Use a seam ripper to take apart the pieces and then cut the new fabric to match the old one. Sew it together the same and simply attach the same way it was before. 

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