Bending Aluminum Tubing: 6 Safety Tips Bending Aluminum Tubing: 6 Safety Tips

Bending aluminum tubing isn’t an easy job to do if you are inexperienced. Joint and connectors for aluminum tubing are expensive, so if you manage acquire the skill to bend the tubing on your own, you will save some money. There are some safety precautions that you can take to create a safe environment. Consider the tips below before you attempt to bend aluminum tubing.

1 - Using the Torch

This is one of the most dangerous steps when you are bending aluminum tubing. A torch produces an extremely hot flame at a high temperature that is essential for bending steel. To protect yourself from the flame, you need to wear protective clothing like fireproof working gloves and a pair of safety glasses. A welding jacket is not essential, but it offers extra protection since it protects you from flaming sparks. It is best to have someone on hand to assist you when you are using the torch.

2 - Use C-Clamps

Make sure that the c-clamps are in good shape before using them. If the clamps should break when you are bending the aluminum, you could get hurt. When bending the tubing, do it as gently as possible to create as smooth a finish as possible and to protect yourself in case the clamps should break. If you work slowly, the tubing won’t have a lot of inertia to hurt you.

3 - Using the Jigsaw

When ever you use a jigsaw, you have to be extra vigilant. Always handle the jigsaw in the position recommended by the manufacturer. Wear safety goggles while you work, and work slowly to avoid any twisting. The jigsaw blade can easily capture small aluminum pieces and throw them at high speed towards your face (or any other part of the body). Always cut of the power of the jigsaw when you are done using it.

4 - Respiratory Problems

Frequent exposure to aluminum dust can cause respiratory problems. When bending tubing, this shouldn’t be a problem, but you can use a face mask to protect yourself from any airborne dust.

5 - Children

It is extremely important that you not allow children in your working area for any reason. Children are unpredictable and can get hurt very easily, and a workshop or working corner is extremity dangerous for them.

6 - A  Clean Workbench

If you manage to maintain a clean working area, this can help you avoid preventable injuries. Try to catalog your tools and put them in their place when you are done using them. Keep your equipment as close as possible to avoid having to fetch them and decrease the chances of tripping over wiring.

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