Bending Copper Pipe: Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Bending a copper pipe can be an important task that you may need to perform at home some time. Copper pipes are used in several projects around the house, mostly involving refrigerators and air conditioners. Learning how to bend a copper pipe is not difficult, but doing it the right way and avoiding mistakes that can harm the copper is very important.

Tips on Bending

Before you start thinking of bending the copper pipes you have purchased for your home project, it is a great idea to mark on the pipe where you want to bend. The best way to mark is an end, center and finish of the bend you intend to make. 

Although the trick to bending copper is super-heating it using a blow torch, the greater trick is to allow it to cool down. Let the copper cool down so much so you can handle it with your hands (using protective gear of course). This is the only way copper pipes will be able to bend.

Mistakes to Avoid

Allowing the copper to cool down before bending it can sound easy, but it can get complicated. If you need to make tight bends for example, the cooled down copper can form kinks. To avoid this, fill the pipe with sand or salt. Completely pack it. When you have done that, making ultra-tight bends too will not form kinks in the copper.