Bending EMT Pipe Bending EMT Pipe

EMT pipe is electrical metallic tubing pipe, which is a thin walled conduit that is designed specifically to be bent using your bare hands in order to save you time and money. You should be capable of bending your own elbow joints in 30 degree, 45 degree, 60 degree and 90 degree increments with ease, with the help of an EMT bender.

EMT Pipe Benders

The purpose of an EMT bender is to take all of the guess work out of bending your conduit in exactly the correct angle. It does this by providing degree markers at all of the common angles, including some lesser common angles such as 22.5 degrees and 33.9 degrees for example. EMT benders are also capable of allowing you to bend metallic forms of tubing at any and all custom angles that may be required by your project.

All you have to do in order to bend your EMT piping is to bend the conduit, then test fit the tubing that you have bent, make any necessary adjustments and corrections, and then simply cut your conduit to size. If you are looking for metallic tubing that you can easily bend with the right tool, then EMT pipe is the right material for you.

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