Benefits and Hazards of Using Wedge Anchor Bolts

When it comes to using wedge anchor bolts, there are a few things that you may want to consider first. Like any product, wedge anchor bolts have both pros and cons. Here is a little information to help you weigh both and decide if it is right for your next project.

Variety of Options

There are many different wedge anchor bolts that can be used for different projects. They come in all different sizes as well as heavy and light duty, depending on what you need them for. They are available in 9 different diameters and there are often charts on line and in the hardware stores that can help guide you on how to use them.

Limited Material Use

While the wedge anchor is great for concrete, there is really a limit on how the amount of situations that it can be used in. They will not work in block base or brick material. They are definitely not a universal tool and if placed into another material that it is not made for, you can wind up ruining the surface or foundation. Be sure when using these bolts that you keep them contained to concrete only.

Easy to Use

It is installed into a pre-drilled hole, so it is easy to use. All of you have to do is screw it into the hole and then attach the pieces together including the nut. If you are looking to find the right bolt for your project, you can take your measurements to the local hardware store or look online for a sizing or guidance chart that can quickly tell you which wedge anchor bolt to purchase and use.

Sturdy Material

The wedge anchor bolt is made from zinc and stainless or carbon steel, making it extremely durable. It is made of two separate pieces that come together to make a secure hold. They are resistant to corrosion and rust and can withstand many types of rough weather. Also, wedge anchor bolts hold extremely well without becoming loose or coming out of their place. While this isn't great for removal, it is secure for your project.

Dangerous Removal

One of the biggest downsides or hazards that come along with the use of the wedge anchor bolt is the removal. To remove it, you will often have to damage the concrete that it is in, depending on the length of time and how deep it has been secured. This means that once it is removed, you will need to repair the surface of the concrete. This entails removing any broken pieces, mixing cement, pouring and filling the hole with cement and leveling it out to allow it to dry. This is a long, drawn out process and can become a hassle if you have to do it often.

Overall, the wedge anchor bolt is a sturdy and easy to use tool for your projects. While they do come with a few hazards, the appropriate installation and maintenance can help to avoid those situations.