Benefits of 3 or 4 Blades on a Boat Propeller

When shopping for a boat propeller you will come across 2 main designs. These are propellers which use 4 blades or only 3 blades. Here are some benefits of 3 or 4 blade boat propellors.

Common Types of Propeller

The most common type of propeller has 3 blades because this offers better handling and acceleration than the 4 blade variety. Common propellers are made out of stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion, even in salt water. Cheaper aluminum versions are available, however these are only suitable for use in fresh water conditions.

Benefits of 3 Blade Propellers

A 3 blade boat propeller is commonly used on outboard and stern engines and offers a marginally better top speed. A 3 blade boat propeller is capable of handling boats which are up to 40 feet in length.

Benefits of 4 Blade Boat Propellers

The 4 blade propeller is a good all-round boat propeller. It offers decent acceleration, good handling and a reasonable top speed. A 4 blade propeller is slightly smaller than its 3 blade counterpart so that the same RPM can be achieved. A 4 blade propeller is only normally used for larger boats and any which need to carry a lot of weight.

There are also 5 blade propellers which offer a large amount of thrust for a small propeller diameter.