Benefits of a Compost Accelerator

If you have a compost heap, you can use a compost accelerator to kill bacteria, speed up the composting process and make a better compost. Consider the following benefits of compost accelerator to determine whether this product will work for you.

Increased Speed

As you might expect from a compost accelerator, this material will speed up the process of the composting. Without a compost accelerator, it could take months before everything breaks down into a usable form. Once you put in the accelerator, it will take much less time. If you are trying to get some compost that you can use for fertilizer by a certain point of the year, an accelerator can help speed up the process. 

You can get a compost accelerator in the form of a powder or a liquid. These substances will add nitrogen-rich compound to the mixture. Nitrogen helps break everything down much more quickly and makes the process more efficient.

Kills Bacteria

Another reason that you might want to use a compost accelerator is that it can kill bacteria. When you are putting food scraps into a compost heap, there is a good chance that they will have some type of bacteria on them. This bacteria can then work its way through the entire mixture of compost in the pile. When that happens, it could be spread all over your lawn or wherever else you plan to use the compost once it is finished.

If you put a compost accelerator on the pile, it can effectively eliminate the bacteria in the mixture. This will make the compost safer for you to use and also safer for you to handle. The plants and vegetables on which you use the compost will not be affected by bad bacteria.

Make Better Compost

When you use a compost accelerator, you will also increase the quality of the compost pile. Some compost piles are better than others when it comes to fertilizing your yard or other plants. The best composts have a good mixture of nitrogen- and carbon-based materials in them. This mixture creates the ideal nutrients for plant fertilizer. When you put a compost accelerator on the pile, it will most likely be rich in nitrogen, which will help the entire process of creating compost. After the compost is completed, it will be very rich in nutrients, and you will then be able to use it in a variety of applications. With this type of compost, you will be able to effectively fertilize any plant that you want and it will help the plant grow faster and stronger.