Benefits of a Dual Flush Cistern System

There are many reasons to be interested in a dual flush cistern. If you are installing a new toilet, and you wish to have the best and most efficient model available, you should investigate the dual flush models. If you are dissatisfied with your current toilet and wish to replace it with a more effective system, a dual flush toilet may be just the thing you are looking for. This particular type of cistern uses a slightly more complicated method to regulate the amount of water used in each flush, allowing for more cost effective operation. What follows should give you a good understanding of the basic advantages to a dual flush cistern system.

Reduced Water Consumption

Dual flush toilets consume much less water per flush than ordinary toilets do. Standard toilets flush by using water to siphon waste out of the toilet bowl. Naturally, using water to push water involves a great deal of waste. In addition to the waste of using water as a power source, ordinary toilets always use the absolute maximum amount of water they have available. The siphoning system used in standard flush toilets determines that the toilet is done flushing when air enters the siphon, meaning that it always empties the cistern completely, even when a small amount of water is actually needed for the job at hand.

  • In contrast, dual flush cisterns use a small amount of water to push waste into the trapway, which is much wider on dual flush toilets than the standard variety, making it require less pressure to remove waste effectively.
  • In addition to this water saving measure, dual flush toilets have a "half flush" option that allows them to flush using only half as much water. This is specifically designed for use with liquid waste, and prevents water from being used when it is not necessary.
  • Reducing your water consumption can reduce your impact on waste processing facilities, as well as decreasing the degree to which you contribute to water shortages.

Reduced Water Bills

If you would like to save money on your water bills, a dual flush toilet is a very good investment. While replacing your current toilet may be expensive, it will pay for itself in the long run. Additionally, even if you are installing a new toilet, and choosing between an ordinary toilet and a dual flush model, the dual flush one may be more expensive. Again, however, the savings on your water bill will cover the difference shortly, as dual flush toilets can use as little as half as much water as their single flush counterparts.

Fewer Clogs

Dual flush toilets are more reliable than ordinary ones. A dual flush toilet will clog much less frequently than a standard one. This is because of the wider trapway that they use to remove waste. Because the trapway is wider, it is much harder to block off, causing your dual flush toilet to get backed up very rarely. When comparing the ability of a dual flush toilet to remain free of clogs to a standard one, the dual flush model will always come out ahead. Additionally, the wider trapway makes dual flush toilets easier to unclog.