Benefits of a Maple Work Bench Benefits of a Maple Work Bench

Every woodworker, from pros to weekend handy-people, can benefit from a maple work bench due to its solidity, torsion resistance and medium weight. A maple work bench can support accessories such as vises on the face or an end. Learn more about the benefits of a maple work bench below.

Maple Wood Characteristics

Maple is a hard, straight-grained wood that sands and polishes to a silky smooth finish. Its even texture makes it easy to cut and assemble into just about any type of furniture or woodworking accessory. Maple's resistance to scratches and dents makes it ideal for your workshop bench. Its tight grain will hold screws and fasteners tight and secure. It has a low moisture content, keeping it from warping and cracking in all weather extremes. As a close-grained hardwood it can support several times its own weight, and naturally resist torsion forces that twist lighter softwood workbenches out of alignment.

Uses for a Maple Work Bench

A maple work bench suits every type of woodworking task. When well-coated with clear polyurethane over a penetrating wood sealer, it can also stand up to automotive work such as transmission repair and reassembly, drive train adjustment and a wide range of other heavy-duty projects.

Whatever your craft, make a maple work bench your operations center.

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