Benefits of a Paver Pool Deck

Now that you’ve got your dream swimming pool installed, it’s time to decide what kind of decking you want, and there are a lot of good reasons to choose a paver pool deck. The area around your pool is just as important as the pool itself, not only for pool access, but for activities like entertaining, barbecuing or sunbathing. You’ll want that area to look as good and be as comfortable and safe as the pool itself. While traditional decking materials like wood, cement or composite material are popular, pavers add the wow factors of looks, function and durability. Pavers come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, so you can create just about any design around your pool. If you want raised planters, a built-in bench or a water fountain, you can also build them with pavers.

Safety First

The first thing most people are concerned with, especially if they have children, is slipping and falling on a hard surface. For this reason, it is important to choose pavers specifically designed for use in wet areas. These come with a texture that is both slip-resistant and comfortable to walk on with bare feet.

Great for DIY Projects

Do-it-yourselfers usually have a list of requirements when it comes to materials for their projects. The material has to be affordable, easy to work with, durable and easy to maintain and repair, and the completed project has to look fabulous.

The good news is that pavers meet all of these requirements and more. Compared to other materials, pavers are not only affordable, but will last just about forever with very little care. Traditional poured concrete is cheaper, but you’ll have problems with cracking and staining and it will need a non-slip sealer. Wood is inexpensive, but also requires sealing and has a much shorter lifespan than pavers—not to mention that it requires quite a bit of woodworking skill to construct.

Easy to Install

Because pavers are small portable units, you can work on the project a little at a time and easily make changes as you go (like a jigsaw puzzle) or even add to the design at a later date.

Easy to Repair

Pavers are tough, so you’ll probably never need to repair one. But if damage does occur, the area can simply be removed and replaced without disturbing any surounding pavers. If you keep a small supply of pavers as back-up, you can make a repair that matches perfectly. Because the pavers “float” independently from each other, you won’t have cracking problems due to freezing like you would with poured concrete—especially if you plan a mortar-less deck.

An Easy Choice

Once you’ve done your research and discovered the benefits of a paver pool deck, the choice becomes an easy one. Affordable, easy to install, durable and almost maintenance free.