Benefits of a Pool Ozonator Benefits of a Pool Ozonator

A pool ozonator, which kills harmful bacteria and algae in your pool, is not only safer than chlorine but also beautifies the water in ways chlorine cannot.

How a Pool Ozonator Works

A pool ozonator uses either ultra-violet light or electrical energy to break up oxygen molecules from their O2 form and rejoin them as O3. This creates a somewhat unstable bond that is ready to react to organic and inorganic matter. The pool ozone generator then dissolves the gas into your pool's water much like the aerator of a fish tank, which creates a pool ozone. When the unstable molecules comes into contact with organisms such as algae or bacteria, the third oxygen atom breaks off and causes a reaction which kills the organism. This process also occurs with unwanted inorganic matter such as calcum.

Most Dramatic Benefits of a Pool Ozonator

A pool ozonator benefits the health and beauty of your pool in two primary ways.

  1. Chlorine use can be reduced by up to 90 percent. The O3 pool ozone is an effective killer of harmful organisms while still being much gentler to a person's skin and eyes than chlorine. The pool ozone will clean the pool while the reduction of chlorine will eliminate skin irritation and the burning sensation in your eyes when opened underwater.

  2. Water clarity and attractiveness will improve over chlorine use for two reasons. Firstly, the byproduct of oxygen will sparkle in sunlight. Secondly, ozone is a very effective flocculant. Flocculation is the process of dissolved materials (such as mineral build-up and dirt) being removed from water.

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