Benefits of a Roman Tub

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A roman tub is different than a traditional western style tub in that it is much deeper and often wider and longer. They are often built into the floor, making getting in and out of the tub easy.


Roman tubs allow users to lay back, soak, and completely relax. With modern, western style baths or tubs, it can sometimes be difficult for some people to sit and relax, as they are smaller and shallow. Roman tubs allow tall people to enjoy a bath.

Quick-Filling Faucets

Many Roman tubs come with a high-powered faucet that fills your tub quickly, allowing you to take your bath as soon as you're ready. Some models even come with an internal heating system that will reheat the water. That way you will be able to save your water usage by only using the tub for relaxing, like a hot tub, rather than using it as a cleaning bath.

Ease of Use

As stated above, most Roman tubs are built near the ground, which makes maintaining them easy. The Romans were the first to make taking a bath an art rather than a chore. By using a Roman tub, you can continue the tradition.