Benefits of a Waste Oil Furnace

More people are turning to a waste oil furnace as a viable heating option. It is a suitable way of heating for both residential and business needs. The waste oil used in the furnace is usually derived from used automotive or vegetable oil. If you have access to a regular supply of waste oil, you will find a waste oil heater one of the cheapest heating options you can settle for. Below are 5 benefits of a waste oil heater to help you decide.


Heating using waste oil guarantees much lower energy costs over using regular heating oil. New oil prices exceed waste oil costs by far. If using new oil for furnace heating, you are bound to constantly face high utility bills. Using waste oil reduces your furnace energy bills by almost 100 percent. Besides, prices for new oil are constantly rising because of global market factors. Although the furnace may be costly to acquire initially, the low cost of waste oil guarantees a recoup of investment in about 2 years. This makes the furnace a cost-effective home heating appliance in the long run.


Using recycled oil in a furnace reduces the demand exerted on environmental resources. This helps encourage sustainable resource utilization. It also reduces the need for disposing of waste oil in waterways or landfills. This is because the waste oil is instead reused as a useful energy resource in the furnace which means less environmental pollution. Little odor, smoke or other emissions are produced while the furnace is burning. The minimal pollution adds to the environmental benefits of a waste oil heater. If you purchase a quality waste oil heater and clean it periodically, the efficiency of the system is significantly enhanced. This will ensure that it burns cleanly with minimal pollution to the environment.


Waste oil heaters can last up to 20 to 25 years when properly maintained. The minimal emissions of smoke and other wastes during burning help maintain a clean system for a longer period of time. A clean furnace also works at higher efficiency. With a regular maintenance schedule, you can ensure that your waste oil heater will remain in good condition for several years. However, furnaces that use new oil have a higher wear and tear rate. Replacement of parts also adds to overall costs.


Getting a supply of new oil is not without its occasional frustrations. Market fluctuations and global factors sometimes create difficulty in accessing new oil. Using a waste oil heater spares you from these disappointments. Since it is a byproduct of regular oil it is always in supply considering the already wide usage of oil.

Low Maintenance

Waste oil furnaces produce less pollution which helps maintain a clean system for a longer period of time. You needn’t clean the furnace as frequently nor worry about machine disruptions due to clog-ups by dirt. Furnaces that use regular oil get dirty more quickly, which necessitates frequent cleaning. If left unattended, the dirt build-up lowers furnace efficiency. This necessitates frequent maintenance which adds to costs.