Benefits of Adding a Biofilter to a Septic Tank Drain Field

Every house not connected to a common community sewer system requires a septic tank with a drain field. This drain field is more commonly known as a leach field. This is where the fluids that your septic tank can’t hold flow to in order to drain into the soil system. This draining into the soil system is called percolation. By adding a biofilter to your septic system and drain field, you will reap a number of benefits. This article will quickly describe a leach field biofilter and list some of the benefits of having one installed.

What a Biofilter Is

A biofilter is a type of pollution control technique. Biofilters use living materials or organisms to capture and biologically break down pollutants. In the case of a drain field biofilter, these pollutants are waste materials than flow out of your septic tank.

Drain Field Biofilter Benefits

There are a number of benefits that can be realized by adding a biofilter to your septic drain field. Some of these benefits are listed below.

  • A septic system with a biofilter in the drain field requires a smaller catabolic area for the drain field. This means the drain field itself can be much smaller than without one.
  • Less of the soil on the property needs to be disturbed to place the drain field. This leaves more property room to be enjoyed and used for planting.
  • As long as proper maintenance procedures are followed, a biofilter will drastically reduce the chances of the drain field clogging.