Benefits of an Upholstered Interior Wall Cladding

Interior wall cladding may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you consider the different options on how to decorate or simply cover your walls. But it offers unique traits than other methods do. Wall upholstery can provide textures that are not possible to reproduce with paint. Interior wall cladding can change the look of a room in ways that wallpaper cannot. In addition, wall upholstery can cover up any problems that you may have with your walls.

Textures and Interior Wall Cladding

Upholstered walls can come in textures that you cannot replicate with paint, wallpaper or paneling. While wall upholstery may seem like a limited format, the opposite is true. Wall upholstery can come in almost any texture imaginable. Whether you prefer a texture that blends into the background or a more striking texture that adds excitement to your home, interior wall cladding can provide the texture you want.

Most of the textures you can achieve with interior wall cladding will not be possible if you use other methods. For this reason, upholstered walls may be your only option if you have a specific look for your home in mind. In this case, plan your walls to match the rest of your decor. The increased options in textures for interior wall cladding give you more options when you plan the rest of your home's appearance.


Interior wall cladding also produces several visual effects on the rooms where it appears. For one thing, using upholstery on your walls will soften edges and round corners. You cannot achieve this effect with paint or wallpaper.


You can use interior wall cladding to cover things you would rather not see. This function can solve a wide variety of superficial problems in a simple way. For example, wall upholstery can cover up minor damage to your walls. Scratches, dents and discoloration will no longer be visible if you upholster your walls.


Wall upholstery is more flexible than other types of wall coverings. This trait can prevent damage and other types of problems. Unlike paint, interior wall cladding will not chip or crack. It possesses the flexibility and softness to avoid wrinkles, bubbles and other related problems that can develop with wallpaper.