Benefits of Bullnose Countertop Edges

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The benefits of having bullnose countertop edges in your kitchen or bathroom include an improved appearance, a safer surface, and a reduction in wear and tear. In addition, there are different bullnose edge types that give you some options when deciding on a look. Adding bullnose countertop edges can help to quickly modernize your kitchen and/or bathroom countertops. When done in conjunction with the addition of new granite, slate, or ceramic surface, bullnose edges literally round out the corners, making them softer, safer, and more attractive.

What are Bullnose Edges?

Bullnose countertop edges include several styles of rounded edge fittings for countertops. Rather than have a straight edge or beveled edge, bullnose edges round out the ends of the countertop. They come in numerous styles including demi-bullnose which is a 1/4 round edge, the 3/8-inch bullnose, which is squarer yet, has a round edge, and the full bullnose edge which is has a completely rounded edge. Bullnose edging pieces can also be combined with different edges to form more complicated edging patterns.

Benefits of Bullnose Countertop Edges

Bullnose countertop edges create a more aesthetically pleasing, smoother, and ultimately safer edge on countertops. While the benefits are primarily a design matter, bullnose edges also last longer as there are no sharp corners to peel or crack off.


Especially with Formica countertops, the old-fashioned, squared-off countertop edges may have looked nice in the past, but after time they just look bad. Squared-off granite looks nicer simply due to the better countertop material, but rounded edges take an otherwise attractive granite countertop and increase its aesthetic value. The softness of a rounded countertop edge creates a transition between the top and the side of the counter that adds depth to a kitchen or bathroom surface. Whether granite, slate, or tile, bullnose countertop edges are more pleasing to the eye.

Smoother, Custom Look

In addition to looking nicer, bullnose countertop edges make any countertop look custom made and of a higher quality than squared-off edges. Not only that, but there is the physical feeling of smoothness that goes along with bullnose edges. There are no rough, sharp edges with bullnose, only smooth, polished ones. With several bullnose styles to choose from, whatever type you end up with will possess an air of uniqueness.


While countertop safety issues are not a concern for everyone, families with small children will find that bullnose countertop edges are less of a threat to little hands and heads than sharper edges. The full bullnose is especially good for safety, as its entire edge is rounded. While bumps against the lip of the countertop may still happen, with rounded bullnose edges, no longer will cuts or scrapes be a problem.

Bullnose countertop edges are beneficial for a number of reasons most of which are aesthetic. They give a kitchen or bathroom counter a softer, smoother, better-looking appearance. Your countertops may be made from tile, granite, or slate, but all of them will enjoy a more pleasant appearance with bullnose edges in one of its available styles.