Benefits of Concrete Curbs in Landscaping

A home with a concrete curb.

Concrete curbs offer a wide array of benefits that can serve as both a decorative and functional element of your backyard landscape. These curbs are ideal for creating borders between the different areas and materials of your landscape.

Concrete Curb Borders for Walkways

One of the most common uses of concrete curbs is in creating borders between different landscape components and materials. Build a curb to form a barrier between your lawn and a paver or concrete walkway or patio. The curb will help prevent weeds and grass from growing in between your patio or walkway joints while also making your landscape look clean and attractive.

Concrete Curb Borders for Gardens

Use concrete curbs as borders for gardens and individual plantings. As with patios and walkways, these curbs act as a barrier between your plantings and your lawn. Not only are they an attractive addition, but they provide a useful function in retaining any mulch or fill you may use in your garden. They also help protect sensitive plantings while you perform routine landscape maintenance in your yard.

With some careful research and a keen eye for design, you can find or create the perfect concrete curb for your landscape design.