Benefits of Cornice Window Treatments

Cornice window treatments, while not necessary for structural integrity, have several benefits. These treatments can be an important element in a room's design.


One of the most obvious benefits of a cornice is its ability to hide a window's hardware. A cornice is shaped like a box, it envelopes any hardware and hides it from sight. 

Blend Design

Another benefit of a cornice window treatment is how it can blend into the rest of the room. The cornice can blend the color of the curtains with the colors in the room, or it can change the window design to collaborate with the furniture design. With out cornice window treatments, some rooms seem empty or incomplete. 

Add Character

Not only does a cornice window treatment hide window hardware and blend designs in the room, it also adds character to a room. A cornice can be polished or painted wood, covered in wallpaper or upholstered. Each choice changes the feel in the room. The window treatment also draws the eye upward, making the room feel larger. If you design your own cornice, you can easily customize it to fit your home and lifestyle.